Learn something interesting and useful!

Are you looking for a new hobby that you can do in any weather and that would be time flexible? And have you heard about the shooting range in Prague? At the shooting range, you can not only learn to shoot, but you can also learn other skills. These skills we are talking about are for example patience, deep breathing, accuracy, calm and others. When you have fully mastered your newly acquired skills, you can apply them in life as well, because many situations can happen and you will need them more than ever. You never know.

rozostřené nábojnice

And as already mentioned, you will also learn to shoot weapons. Weapons are dangerous, so be very careful and follow the rules of the shooting range. Always be careful so nothing can happen to anyone! The rules are very important and if you don`t respect and follow them, you will never return to the shooting range!

střílení - zbraně

You must be of legal age to go to the shooting range, so don`t forget your ID card to verify your identity. Do you want to bring your friends? So come with them and try which one of you is the best and also see who would benefit from an extra lesson. Take advantage of the opportunity and try to be ahead of others. It`s not cheating, it`s just taking advantage of the opportunity! And practice still does not guarantee that you will win outright when comparing your skills with others. So fight and learn!

Another great thing about a shooting range is its price. You can compare several shooting ranges in your area and in terms of quality/performance/price, this shooting range in Prague is definitely the best choice.

Newbies are certainly welcome at the range as well as seasoned pros. Everyone started once, so no one will laugh at you and there is no shame either! Come and see for yourself and you will see that you will have a good time. Book your appointment first. You can find more detailed information on the website.